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Psychological Aikido application in medical representative work.

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Juris Belte (LT),

Course profit is sales efficiency improvement:

  • MR will be able to set properly with complicated clients and situations.
  • MR will feel less stress and therefore their working-capacity and inward motyvation will increase.
Course description:
  • Complicated situations in Medical Representative work (problematic client, contradictions, conflicts, contumely, provocations, and other stressed situations).
  • Typical (standard) behavior in complicated situations and a price which is paid because of conflicts.
  • Spermatozoid principle. Why "no" means "yes"?
  • Conflict anatomy. Conflict reasons in transaction analyze standpoint.
  • Amortization principal application. Immediate, prophylactic and aside amortization.
  • Agent provocateur neutralization. Super amortization.
  • When it's recommended and not recommended to aim psychological Aikido? Safety technology.
  • Psychological Aikido in Medical Representative work (working with contradiction, neutralizing Agent provocateur through public utterance and other.) Practical situations modeling and training.