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Sales Visit. Stress management in representative job.

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  • Work with doctors' goals formulation stages. Planning. Planning principles. Doctors rating and analysis. Effective time practice. Day, week, month plan. Readiness for particular visit. Supporting stuff and a means.

  • Advantage and disadvantage of queue. How to avoid queues? How to surmount queues? How to increase sales with the help of queues?

  • Visit to visit. Basic professional sale success sources. Salesman profile. Sales circle: preparatory work, approach, individual communication stage.

  • Sales circle: preface, contact contract. Client needs analysis, using questions. Conversation structure pointed in „Yes".

  • Demur and remonstrant. How to achieve, that doctor will agree to prescribe Your pharmaceutical? Sales technique use.

  • Success of sale finishing. When is the best time to ask acceptance? What words to use?

  • Sales technique use in visit. Video traineeship.

  • What is image? How to create Your image? Who is creating image? How important is image for a doctor, when he chooses which medicament to prescribe? Image importance in rising competition. Firm image, firm medicament image, representative image– their constituent and reciprocity. „Prickle"phenomenon. Representative individual input in image creation. How to create positive exclusive image. Practice session.

  • Complicated situations in sales. Agent provocateur's neutralization technique.

  • Manipulation method.

  • The reasons of stress. Attitudes which helps us to work and disturbs. Stress prophylaxis and „first aid"in a stressing situations.

  • Stress overcome methods and techniques- practice advises.