Market and clients satisfaction reserches

Market Research helping you set up scientific and effective marketing strategies. AMBA focuses on the B2B market research and consulting services. We provide market research, end-user research, channel research, price analysis and other customized research and consulting services in pharmaceutical sphere.

Client Satisfaction Research (CSR) is an emerging survey technique applied in recent years. The research is done for the purpose of examining how consumers are satisfied with business products and services, including major evaluation indexes such as client satisfaction degree, client loyalty rate, client complaint rate, and the rate of recommendation by others. This is a successional quantitative research. Client Satisfaction Research will help clients to solve the following problems:

  • Analyze clients' values and save limited resources to most valuable clients;
  • Establish and promote client loyalty and retain clients;
  • Find the opportunities to improve products and services and improve competitive advantages;
  • Compare with competitors and set up leading service standards in the relevant markets;
  • Regulate evaluations, training, promotion and supplement of front-line service staff;
  • Forecasts future client demand.

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