About company

Academy of Medical Business Administration (AMBA) is the biggest consulting, training and personnel supply company for pharmaceutical companies, that provides all necessary outsourcing services in whole Baltics. 



In Latvia AMBA
 - Medicīnas Biznesa Akadēmija, already acts from the autumn 2002. The AMBA founder and  Board chairman is an internationally certified management consultant, psychotherapist, businessman and teacher Maris Belte.
Maris Belte already 11 years working in the pharmaceutical industry. The experience gained working with such companies as the "Berlin-Chemie-Menarini Group" and "Hoffmann-La Roche". In parallel with business-led seminars and corporate trainings for human resource management program. Since year 1999, he is delivering double visits couching project.  From  2009  M.Belte has opened his own private practice in psychotherapy.

In Lithuania AMBA- Medicinos Verslo Akademija, also acts already from the same year as AMBA in Latvia, its leader is  Juris Belte.
Since year of 1997 Juris Belte have consultancy experience. 12 years of leadership and marketing experience in international companies. At this time, leads the training and advice sales force training, management issues. J. Belte focuses on the psychology of communication. Lecturer has managerial and psychological education, is also a certified NLP and coaching specialist.  


As well as we have collaboration partners in Estonia- Repforce, that acts in the same branch in correspondence with AMBA principles.

In daily work AMBA sticks by the following values:
  • Orientation to the maximal clients’ needs satisfaction;
  • Orientation to the maximal employees’ needs satisfaction;
  • Partnership;
  • Receptiveness. 
In correspondence with market survey made by Latvian Business Management Consultants Register MBA was among TOP 5 personnel outsourcing and TOP 20 personnel selection companies by turnover in Latvia in 2007. In 2007 AMBA started to offer different original program open seminars in Latvian market. In 2008 AMBA has became a member of Latvian Association of Business Consultants. In 2008 AMBA has vastly expanded its service package that is offered to the current and potential clients. AMBA has experienced team and consultants that all the time improves their knowledge and skills as well as that are handed over to clients.


Our mission is to help clients to reach their goals increasing their professionalism.